Evolve Tracker system

We recognise that preparing a constant stream of vehicles can be an administrative burden for dealerships. Evolve Tracker System is installed on terminals on the preparation floor, which link to a straightforward Web-based interface in the office.

valeter manager system

Assign, prioritize and track jobs

Administrators can assign, prioritize and track jobs by individual valeters, who simply check their schedules at the terminals and report their progress.

All work history can be analyzed by vehicle, valeter or department, to avoid duplications and help monitor performance. Invoicing is automated: Reports are issued online to Evolve Systems once jobs have been authorised, to minimise delays. Crucially, the Evolve Tracker System makes demand predictable, ensuring we provide the right level of staffing.

You are safe in the knowledge that by using our Evolve Tracker System all the administration and financial details relating to your valeting will be transparent and accessible 24/7.